House IV – Eindhoven Residence

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House IV, The Netherlands

Eindhoven Residential Building – design by De Bever Architecten

26 Sep 2013

Woonhuis IV Eindhoven

Design: De Bever Architecten

Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands

House IV Eindhoven
photo : Norbert van Onna

Eindhoven Residence, Netherlands

The house is situated on a corner lot in the typical 30’s district ‘de Elzent’ against the natural landscape of the river Dommel valley, in the center of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The existing main house is relatively small in structure, however the lot size is sufficient enough to resist an carefully threaded extension. An extension where extra comfort is added to the existing house.

House IV Eindhoven
photo : Norbert van Onna

The transparent addition to the house is a continuation of an earlier exterior expansion with thin floating concrete eaves. These overhangs give a balanced picture, allowing the spaces seamlessly to blend, and gives the garden an intimate enclosed character.

House IV Eindhoven
photo : Norbert van Onna

The sightlines are important, creating separate spaces as a study niche, a lowered seating area with wide windowsills and a hanging fireplace. The roof connects the spaces seamlessly into each other.

House IV Eindhoven House IV Eindhoven House IV Eindhoven House IV Eindhoven House IV Eindhoven
photos : Norbert van Onna

Much attention is paid to careful detailing. Positioning of roof lights, (curved) walls, steps, niches which store the curtains, floor heating and cooling ceiling, acoustic panels and lighting are concealed and determine the appearance and character of the area.

House IV Eindhoven House IV Eindhoven House IV Eindhoven House IV Eindhoven
photo : Norbert van Onna

House IV – Building Information

Client: private
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Realisation: May 2013
Program: Extension and renovation private dwelling including outdoor pool, total surface extension 77m²
Materials: Concrete floor and roof, chromed steel door, full glass façade, shell-limestone walls, chromed steel door
Architect: De Bever Architecten, Eindhoven – Stefan de Bever, Heleen van Heel, Wim Poell, Emilia Seroviec, Thomas van Weert
Construction engineer: Archimedes Bouwadvies, Eindhoven
Contractor: Burgtbouw, Deurne
Glass realization: Si-X, Benthuizen
Photographs: Norbert van Onna, Eindhoven

House IV images / information from De Bever Architecten

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