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Farnsworth House, Illinois : Architecture

Key Mies van der Rohe Building, Plano, Illinois, USA

26 May 2014

Farnsworth House Lift

Hydraulic lift to prevent flood damage to this world-famous Modern Property – article by Fred Bernstein at Architectural Record:

Plans to protect Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House by placing it on a hydraulic lift that can be deployed in case of flooding are proceeding at a rate that has taken even the plans’ supporters by surprise, reports Fred Bernstein in the Architectural Record.

The lift will cost as much as $3 million, according to Robert Silman, a structural engineer whose firm has done preliminary design work on the system. But Silman says that the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which owns the Farnsworth House, “has a potential donor who is very interested, and we understand that the donor’s decision will be based on public acceptance.” That public acceptance could emerge as early as this month. On May 29 and 30, the National Trust will hold two town hall meetings, one in Chicago (in Mies’s Crown Hall) and one in Plano, Illinois, site of the Farnsworth House, designed in 1945 and completed in 1951.

Lohan, principal of the Chicago firm Lohan Anderson, says he supports the plan, and that in fact he proposed a similar hydraulic lift in the 1990s. Lord Peter Palumbo, who owned the house at the time, decided to sell the property instead. The trust bought the house from Palumbo, chairman of the Pritzker Architecture Prize jury, at a Sotheby’s auction in 2013.

Mies van der Rohe chose the location of the house along the Fox River to create just the right views – both to and from the famously transparent building.

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11 Mar 2013

Farnsworth House Flooding

Above freezing temperatures and continued rainfall has left the Fox River that runs next to the Farnsworth House in a state of rising flood waters today, March 11, 2013. The house is fully surrounded by river water, but neither the lower deck nor the upper deck has yet to be breached – source: miesglasshouse.wordpress.com

Farnsworth House Plano

Key American Building

Farnsworth House, Plano, Illinois
Mies van der Rohe, Architect

Farnsworth House
Farnsworth House image © gm+ad architects

“an icon of 20th century modern architecture”

“The Farnsworth House is one of the most significant of Mies van der Rohe’s works, equal in importance to such canonical monuments as the Barcelona Pavilion”.

Farnsworth House Move

Director of the Farnsworth House, Whitney French, is considering how to protect the building from floods. The Fox River is close by and the lawns above which this Modern home ‘floats’ are increasingly prone to flooding. According to Fred Bernstein writing for archnewsnow.com the Farnsworth House has been “flooded at least four times (three of them in the last 13 years). The most recent flood, in September 2008, caused at least $500,000 in damage, mostly to interior woodwork”.

Farnsworth House Plano Farnsworth House Illinois Farnsworth House Mies van der Rohe Farnsworth House USA
Mies van der Rohe building – photographs © gm+ad architects

Currently when floods occur the property contents are protected but the building itself is left prone. So proposals to move the Farnsworth permanently, or to provide discreet protection such as pop-up glass walls around the perimeter, are being discussed.

Farnsworth House

Address: 14520 River Road, Plano, Illinois, United States of America
Date: 1950
Location: 60 miles from Chicago
Directions: head southwest from Chicago

Client: home built for Dr. Edith Farnsworth

Edith sold the Farnsworth House in 1972 to Lord Palumbo from England

Mies van der Rohe building Farnsworth House Building Farnsworth House exterior
Mies van der Rohe building – images © gm+ad architects

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Farnsworth House architect: Mies van der Rohe, USA

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Farnsworth House : Illinois Building

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Farnsworth House, Plano, Illinois, USA

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