DJ Avicii’s House

DJ Avicii’s House

Design: McClean Design

Location: overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles, California, USA

Upon ascending to the main level of the house, the water element becomes an ornamental pool before dropping into the spa below, after which it becomes a 75’-0” long lap pool the end of which is cantilevered over the slope into the view. The entry to the house is a glass bridge over the pool below. The master bedroom and study are located on one side of the pool, the living areas on the other.

DJ Aviciis Property

Below are several guestrooms, a media room and a four car garage. The living room and master bedroom are cantilevered over outdoor spaces below and appear to hover against the background of the city below. The palette of materials is soft contemporary with extensive use of concrete, wood and stone.

DJ Avicii house

New Hotel in Phuket

New Hotel in Phuket

Design: A-cero

Natai Beach Hotel in Phuket

This Thai resort complex has 10 villas designed by different well-known international architects firms.

Iniala Hotel

The project developer entrusted to A-cero the Interior Design of two rooms of one of the villas, concretely the Villa Bianca. Moreover, A-cero developed the design of the restaurant of the hotel, Aziamendi (with 3 Michelin Stars) as well as the exterior chill out area where you can enjoy the amazing views.

The furniture of the rooms is born in each of the curved lines that create the rooms. The natural local wood is used for the floors and the walls of the rooms, looking for a natural environment according to the exuberant surroundings. In each of these rooms we have changed the disposition of the elements to make them different.

New Hotel on Natai Beach

Dongguan Basketball Stadium

Dongguan Basketball Stadium

Design: von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp)

Location: Dongguan, China

Dongguan Basketball Stadium 2

Dongguan Basketball Stadium

The design of the stadium transforms the elements of the sport of basketball in various ways: situated on a raised platform,

The design of the stadium transforms the elements of the sport of basketball in various ways: situated on a raised platform, the circular ring is reminiscent of the hoop of a basketball basket to which the facade is attached like the net to the hoop. The typical orange colour of the ball appears behind the net-like facade in the form of the external structure of the arena, and also features in the interior design.

Shanghai Auto Museum

Shanghai Auto Museum


Location: Shanghai, China

Opening of Collection Pavilion

Shanghai Auto Museum
Shanghai Auto Museum

The Collection Pavilion at Shanghai Auto Museum, Shanghai-Anting, China, opened on 11 April. It is a permanent exhibition about the milestones in automobile development from 1900 to 1975. ATELIER BRÜCKNER created a spacious room narrative representing an exclusive parking deck which displays 39 historical cars.

‘Dream machines’ are contrasted to normal cars by presenting them on glossy aluminium plinths, illustrating the existence of unaffordable expensive dream cars in all periods of automotive development. Original design objects from each decade as well as media stations with films, photos and sound supplement the automobile experience and give the visitor the opportunity to delve in times past.

Moesgård Museum Building

Moesgård Museum Building

Location: Århus, Jylland, Danmark

Design: Henning Larsen Architects

e-architect director Isabelle Lomholt visited the new Moesgård Museum Extension designed by Henning Larsen Architects:

Moesgard Museum 1
photo © Rógvi N. Johansen
Moesgård Museum Aarhus

Driving down the tree lined avenue towards Moesgård, it would be fair to say, my expectations were high. I have missed and loved this place in equal measures for years. In my early childhood my mother would drive my sister and me here in our rusty Renault 4, and we would spend afternoons looking at the reconstructed Stone-age and Iron-age dwellings, sometimes there would also be a travelling exhibition, and there would always be The Grauballe Man, a bog body of a man dating from the late 3rd century BC, early Germanic Iron Age.

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