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Tom Cartledge : Architect

Work by student from The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, England

Tom Cartledge

Unit 19

The Bartlett School of Architecture student design

Tom Cartledge design

Tom Cartledge’s project is approached past a ring of Surrealist objects reminiscent of an unsettling parade.

We next come across in a clearing in the woods, always a wood, a small cottage with a simple door – a door with door furniture that a crazed surrealist trapper might make, furry sinews stretched into bloody mechanisms.

Tom Cartledge design Tom Cartledge design Tom Cartledge design Tom Cartledge design

Once through the door, a world of breath-taking objects is displayed for the viewer’s predilection. Each object says something about the owner’s/ Tom’s view of the world and its ordering. Every object is a juxtaposition of takes on the form/function dichotomy, its seasonal and diurnal calibrations and its implied history of its making and the body that made it. So, for example, some objects reach out to the horizon (through the cottage’s widows) to accentuate differences in horizons on differing days and act, like Duchampian stoppages, as new ways to measure the interior of the cottage utilising light and shadow. The hand of their maker is also a register of bodily force and action. This is undoubtedly a house for an “Erotomane”, WHATEVER ONE IS”.

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